Level 1-4 Calibration Technician (San Francisco Bay Area)

BROAD FUNCTION: Calibration, repair, and maintenance of M&TE (Measuring and Test Equipment).

I. Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform calibration and alignment M & TE
  • Interpret calibration and repair procedures, technical drawings, and formulas from manufacturer’s documentation
  • Knowledge of databases, datasheets, spreadsheets, word processing applications and quality systems compliance
  • Perform field service/on-site calibration – some travel involved
  • Communicate effectively and act professionally with customer technical and administrative personnel on calibration procedures and traceability
  • Ability to lift 70 pounds of weight
  • Other duties as assigned

II. Qualifications

Note: All levels must meet the requirements of the prior level

Level 1

  • College level course work in related field
  • Military PMEL or related course work completed
  • General knowledge of physical/dimensional and DMM calibrations
  • Operation and knowledge of most laboratory testing equipment
  • Familiarity with common electronic formula’s used in calibration

Level 2

  • Some college coursework and a minimum of 3 years experience in electronics related field
  • Knowledge of oscilloscopes, frequency counters, distortion analyzers, hi-pots, function generators and other general purpose test equipment
  • Ability to troubleshoot and perform general repairs to board level
  • Capable of performing full alignment in accordance with manufacturer’s test and adjustment procedures

Level 3

  • Some college coursework and a minimum 5 years direct experience and thorough knowledge of all areas of calibration and repair environment
  • High reliability soldering skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair M&TE component level
  • Knowledge of signal generators, network analyzers and spectrum analyzers calibration and repair

Level 4

  • Minimum 7 years direct experience and two years of college coursework – Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Extensive background in automated test equipment calibration
  • Knowledge of video and fiber optic equipment and standard test signals
To be considered for employment, email the position, updated resume, salary history and application form to hr@techmaster.us.

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